Binary options or Penny stocks

If you are a person planning to make an investment in stock market which can be a very good business, you should be vise and review all different options given to you. You will need to know why they are good for investment and why people choose these particular options, how much you will need to invest and how much time it takes until you will see and feel some real income into your account. Also if you want to see and have a real idea of good and bad sides of different options, you should take two of them and make a comparison. This may help great deal. If you develop your mind to work in this way, it will be your most powerful weapon. It will help you a lot especially now at the beginning when you not only have to make a choice but have to find one which will be the most suitable for you. Your final goal is to achieve a big success, so with this kind of mind as your best asset you won’t have to be afraid.

There are two most common options on the market these days whish are available to you, and these are called penny stocks and binary options. The second one called binary is the kind of option where your payoff will be already predetermines in the amount of the asset, or not determined at all. It works this way: investor is predicting a way in which price if a particular asset is going to go at a particular, determined time. In this option investor is choosing if he is buying so called call-up option (meaning that the price is going to go up in the time predicted, e.g. before the time expires) of the other so called put-down option, which tells us that the price is going nowhere but

-Binary options: This is a kind of unique chance for you to see the real income/profit in just a minute after you make your investment. To put it simpler this is a faced paced option for stock trading. Investor can, if he is lucky and know the business, get beck all he invested on only a few seconds (depending on what is his expiry of the investment, but that is something he chooses for himself). And, a great thing and a thing why a lot of investors are choosing this one is that you can get income of 80 percent of the amount you invested!

-Penny Stocks: Conversly to Binary Options, these are common shares of small companies which are public. They trade, but never at some high prices have they kept these shares low. Many investors choose to invest in this kind of stocks since you can get your return as much as 100 percent, 200, 500 or even sometimes if you are enormously lucky- 1000 percent! But of course this cannot be so amazing, there is one problem: they are illiquid and get traded only over the counter. There is also one more downside, and it’s that with these kind of stocks it is almost impossible to find ones which when sold has the potential to rise in the next few days of the week. In most cases a price will indeed go up, but for a very very little value.

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